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Especially in the wake of the barbaric videos of Planned Parenthood and the motion to #defundplannedparenthood, we believe it is important to support the local pregnancy resource centers. Pregnancy resource centers are not funded by tax dollars and most scrape by on donations alone.
Let’s #fundlife
From now until October 1st, you can schedule a mini-family session with Smetona Photo for $200. All $200 will go to the Living Well Pregnancy Center in Orange. You may also bring any baby items you wish to donate.Pregnancy resource centers provide the following to mothers WITHOUT providing abortions:
-Free pregnancy tests
-Options counseling, including comprehensive information on parenting (including adoption)
-Ultrasound services
-Support groups and peer counseling
-Parenting programs
-Material assistance, including diapers, maternity clothes, strollers, cribs, car seats, and more
-Job and housing assistance and referralsSpaces are extremely limited! Contact us at to reserve a space for your session.

Let’s give more options and help to pregnant mothers other than abortion!
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This blog post is waaaayyy overdue. As in, today is their one-year anniversary overdue. However, we think Kelsey and Robbie will forgive us especially since since their wedding; we got pregnant & had a baby and now Kelsey and Robbie are pregnant and expecting a little one of their own. What a difference a year makes!!!

So, in honor your anniversary, Kelsey and Robbie, here is your blog post. We are proud to say that we called you friends when we photographed your wedding and we call you even dearer friends today! We love doing life together with you and there is so much we are grateful to God for through you. You have picked us up food from the grocery store, painted us paintings, cleaned our house, fixed us meals and MORE!!! Thank you for being God’s grace and kindness to us! We are so thankful for you!!!

Kelsey and Robbie’s wedding day was so much fun and sweet for us! Their wedding was held at The Women’s Club of Orange in Old Towne Orange. It’s where our church (Sovereign Grace Church of Orange) meets every Sunday. What a sweet moment to watch to fellow church members become husband and wife where we worship together every Sunday!

Our favorite moment was when Robbie and Kelsey had their first look. What a reaction!As if their wedding couldn’t have been more fun, they served brunch for their wedding reception. Complete with  a mimosa bar and ALL YOU CAN EAT BACON!!! Robbie loves bacon and we love him for his love of bacon!

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  • Myrna Brice Vaughan - What a sweet wedding. They looked so happy and what a great group of people to support them through their first year and many more to come. Your church family is really special.ReplyCancel

“Who will be viewing my boudoir photos in the printing process? I don’t want just anyone seeing them.”

This is a great question and one that women (and photographers) sometimes forget to think about. It is common practice to protect sexy photos in password-protected galleries or other private safety measures. However, many forget that the next step is often unprotected and viewable to whomever is printing the photos or album.

Now, some ladies and some photographers may not care who views their sensual images. That is up to them. For me, many ladies and their husbands, they care deeply about who is viewing these images throughout the boudoir process.

Below is a diagram showing the normal printing process that most photographers use in getting images printed when a client orders them.

See the problem? What good is it to hire a trusted photographer for your private images only to have “God only knows whom” viewing, printing, and packaging your product? Why even strive for privacy in the first place?

Unfortunately (even when asked), most professional print labs/book binders will not guarantee that only women will be involved throughout the boudoir printing process.

As a intimate boudoir photographer, I see it as my responsibility to protect the privacy of the ladies who have entrusted their images to me. This means that (in good conscious) I can not send my clients’ photos to just any print lab. Even clients printing through Target, Walmart, Shutterfly, etc can’t guarantee who will be printing them.

This was a problem!

In an effort to solve this problem, I do all my on in-house photo printing! I have purchased a top-of-the-line professional printer in my studio/office. My clients now have the option of having their professional photos and books printed by their photographer!

Here is the Smetona Photo Boudoir printing process:

No matter who your boudoir photographer is, if you care about your privacy and whom is viewing your images, make sure to ask them how your images are being printed!

For more information about Smetona Photo Boudoir or to book your own session, Click HERE!

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WARNING: Cuteness overload! I’m so blessed and honored that I got to photograph Lindsay, Anthony and their sweet new arrival, Brooklyn! Lindsay is just a dear friend and I’m so thrilled for her new little girl. I love the natural and joyful aspect that photographing a family in their home creates. How adorable is Brooklyn’s little nursery? It’s so sweet!!! Just enjoy the amazing cuteness below and don’t forget to leave some kind wishes for the growing family below!

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  • Kelli Ellis Cdpc - SOOOO SWEET! LOVE THESE :)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey Brooke Photographie - Eeeeee!!! Such an adorable family, indeed! Beautiful work, Smetona Photo! And Linds and Anthony… Congrats!!!ReplyCancel

So, you are considering having sexy (boudoir) photos taken. Awesome!! Whether as a intimate wedding present for a fiance, a sexy anniversary present for a husband, or a surprise seductive present, many women all have the same question: “But what will I wear?!?”

Here are a few outfit ideas:

a SEXY look: This is your classic “all out” boudoir look! Think corsets, garters, thigh-highs, teddies, heels, jewelry, the WORKS!
Common colors and textures: black, red, deep purple, mesh, lace, sparkles, ribbons. Popular retailer: Frederick’s of Hollywood

a PRETTY/CUTE look: Perfect for the girl who is sweet, sexy and fun! This could be a simple bra and panty set, nightie, a soft robe, or something similar.
Common colors and textures: lace, satin, pastels, bright colors, white. Popular retailer: Adore Me! Plus, your first set is only $25!

a UNIQUE look: Now is the perfect time to think of your personality/relationship. What are things that you like to do together? What does he do for work? What’s his hobby?
Ideas: a sports jersey/sports equipment, his work shirt, his favorite food, shorts and a t-shirt, his musical instrument.

UNDER the SHEETS: I’m not gonna lie, this is my favorite! It takes a certain level of confidence to be photographed with a simple white bed sheet being draped across you, but women who do it always find it to be a crowd pleaser! Plus, I find it to be the most flattering and natural!

Other props and ideas to include in your session:
Flowers, a coffee mug, your favorite sweater, a book, something showing your personality, hats, pearls, fur, your wedding veil…the sky is the limit! Don’t forget to talk any extra special ideas you have over with your photographer before your session.

While I know that we as women can be very self-conscious about our bodies, as a photographer, I tell many of my ladies that “I am on the man’s side.” Normally, sexy photos like these are done with a certain man in mind. I think it is always best to keep what he would like best in mind regardless of our insecurities. No woman is perfect, but he loves you just the way you are!!!

For information of booking a boudoir session with Kristin, click HERE.

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